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Principles of Tensor Calculus (Solutions) by Taha Sochi

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About this book .-
Principles of Tensor Calculus (Solutions) written by Taha Sochi.
This book contains the solutions of all the exercises of book Principles of Tensor Calculus. These solutions are sufficiently simplified and detailed for the benefit of readers of all levels particularly those at introductory levels.
The present book is largely based on assuming an underlying general coordinate system although some example sections are still based on a Cartesian approach for the sake of simplicity and clarity. The reader will be notified about the underlying system in the given formulation. The author also provide a sample of formal proofs to familiarize the reader with the tensor techniques. However, due to the preset objectives and the intended size of the book, the author do not offer comprehensive proofs and complete theoretical foundations for the provided materials although we generally try to justify many of the given formulations descriptively or by interlinking to related formulations or by similar pedagogical techniques. This may be seen as a more friendly method for constructing and establishing the abstract concepts and techniques of tensor calculus.
The book is furnished with an index in the end of the book as well as rather detailed sets of exercises in the end of each chapter to provide useful revision and practice. To facilitate linking related concepts and sections, and hence ensure better understanding of the given materials, cross referencing, which is hyperlinked for the ebook users, is used extensively throughout the book. The book also contains a number of graphic illustrations to help the readers to visualize the ideas and understand the subtle concepts. The book can be used as a text for an introductory or an intermediate level course on tensor calculus.
(Taha Sochi)

Book Detail .-
Title. Principles of Tensor Calculus (Solutions)
Author(s). Taha Sochi
Publisher. CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Year. 2018
Pages. 248
Type. PDF
Language. English
ISBN. 1974401391,9781974401390
Country. UK
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About Author :- The author Taha Sochi possesses a diverse academic and research background. He holds a B. Eng in electronics engineering, a BSc in physics, a PhD in petroleum engineering, a PhD in crystallography, and a PhD in atomic physics and astronomy. He also worked as a postdoctoral research associate for several years. He published dozens of scientific research papers in many refereed journals and produced numerous academically oriented documents.

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Book Contents .-
Principles of Tensor Calculus (Solutions) written by Taha Sochi cover the following topics.
1. Preliminaries
2. Spaces, Coordinate Systems and Transformations
3. Tensors
4. Special Tensors
5. Tensor Differentiation
6. Differential Operations
7. Tensors in Application
8. Footnotes


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